let us pamper you
All over the world there are various relaxation techniques and methods. Many methods draw on ancient knowledge and already have a long tradition. From the head to the feet, from young to old, in SPA-ROSA everyone will find an application that suits their needs.
hot stone massage body
Hot stone therapy is based on the long experience of Asian healers. For a very long time, the pain-relieving effect of massage pressure in combination with strokes has been known. It is a full body massage with warm oils and hot basalt stones, which are placed on the energy centers and revitalize your body. During the facial application we will pamper you extensively with high quality care
75 Min
€ 159,00
foot reflexology massage
According to traditional Indian art, different areas of the soles of the feet communicate with certain parts of the body. A foot bath is the prelude to this pressure point massage, which activates the regenerative impulses of your body and thus stimulates the self-healing powers.
50 Min
€ 89,00
rasul for 2
The tradition of Rasul, which is more than a thousand years old, unites the Arabian knowledge of the connections between care, health and beauty. High-quality natural muds enrich your skin with salts and minerals and exfoliate it during a steam bath. Afterwards, we offer you a fruit variation in the relaxation room.
45 Min
€ 99,00
Before and after sports, this soothing massage calms and invigorates, helping to reduce the risk of injury or muscle pain.
60 Min
€ 119,00
pantai luar herbal stamp massage
This full body massage takes you into the world of herbs and massage arts from East Asia. Your whole body will be massaged with pre-warmed exotic oils and pampered with pleasantly warm herbal stamps. Your muscles will be loosened by the deep-going warmth, your metabolism will be stimulated and the herbs will unfold their effect on your skin. Experience a new feeling of velvety soft skin, coupled with relaxed muscles.
70 Min
€ 129,00